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Software Development - Cloud, Intranet & Mobile

For over 22 years, we’ve been developing solutions for corporations and small businesses for intranet and extranet. From server and desktop to cloud, web and mobile.

We’ve developed workflow and data capture solutions for a plethora of hardware, software and operating systems. Talk to us first for your cost effective solution.

Custom desktop, cloud, mobile and web development using many technologies including .NET, Ruby on Rails, iOS/Android, JavaScript and even older environments such Notes/Domino, Office and more. Talk to us for ideas on how to proceed. 

We have local staff in Australia to satisfy most requirements.

Custom Software Solutions


Cloud based server and serverless solutions provide 24/7 global coverage to all your access devices.


Responsive mobile websites, Progressive Web Apps and native apps make staff productive on the road or around the corner on touch devices.


PC and Mac solutions talking to servers in your office or in the cloud.

Embedded device solutions for maximum productivity.


IoT (Internet of Things) are discreet internet connected devices which can report location, temperature, equipment status and more.


Utilising server-side technologies such as Microsoft’s open-source .NET CORE 3/5+, SQL and No-SQL databases, micro-services and APIs, we provide secure, stable and future friendly business solutions.

We strive to create flexible, efficient solutions to meet our client’s present and future needs.

Discuss your requirements with us today!

WordPress Design, Development & Hosting

For over 10 years, we have offered the full suite of WordPress services  – installation, maintenance, hosting, web design, custom development and managed services.

Our WordPress Managed Hosting solutions provide a worry-free WordPress website. We backup, maintain and update your site so you only need think about the content for a small monthly fee.


If you need a new website, we have a specialist WordPress web designer in-house.

Hosting, Domains, Email and Cloud Services

We offer hosting on our servers throughout the world or management of your servers and software. With almost 2,000 domain names under management, we manage all sorts of requirements to suit.

We also manage services on 3rd party cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft Azure and more.

We offer e-mail services with any provider and configure using your domain name.

Need help registering and managing your domain names? We offer managed domain name services via avant.domains at wholesale prices.

IBM Lotus Notes & Domino

We still have a team of Notes and Domino specialists providing development, administration and managed services.

Or we can help with transitioning of your Notes and Domino applications or infrastructure? We have over half a century of combined experience with Notes & Domino.

Industry Experience





Online Retail



Service Industries

Trade Services




Warehousing and Bar-coding

Contractor Compliance

Incident Management

Human Resources

Events Management

Online Auctions

Learning Systems

Service Management

Change Control



Legal Systems

Document Management

Embedded Systems and Controls

Booking & Despatch

Tyre Tracking

Fleet Management & Tracking (GPS)

Vehicle Maintenance

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

All Australian-Based Team

Proudly founded in Melbourne, Australia. All our key staff are based in Australia.

Our clientele extends across the world as far as the US, Canada & Europe.


Ready Made Cloud Solutions by iamcloud

Avant Consulting is the exclusive hosting and development partner for iamcloud.com.au

iamcloud helps service and transport businesses by taking inefficient manual processes and wraps them into an online framework that will streamline and remove double handling.

It saves time and money by reducing staff effort and simplifying  the  business work flow with touch based devices such as phones and tablets and GPS location. These operational efficiencies provide a competitive advantage and increased profitability.

iamcloud captures bookings, automates check-lists, dispatches to vehicles, calculates costs and with the push of a button, adds a draft invoice to your accounting system.

For more information and the business verticals which iamcloud provides solutions for, please visit the website.

Going Green

Technology companies are big greenhouse gas emitters with the servers and related equipment running 24/7 to maintain cloud services and the like.

Instead of relying on governments and others to make the changes required to protect our environment, we are becoming pro-active.

In 2020, we are taking stock of our contributions and beginning efforts to reduce, offset and negate our environmental impact on our planet.

We’ll be adding a new page to highlight our efforts in due course.

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